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    Monuments of Ancient Rome

    Great Monuments of Ancient Rome

    Le Colisée

    The great ancient buildings of Rome: the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater of antiquity, which was dedicated to games and gladiator fights; Pantheon, dedicated to Greco-Roman Gods; Roman forums, political and administrative center for the Roman Republic. […]

    Sites of Ancient Rome (continued)

    Thermes de Caracalla

    After three major tourist attractions, the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Forum, many buildings also evoke fascination with the past of the ancient capital, as the Forum Boarium wich was the river port market, the Baths of Caracalla who were the largest in the world, the Imperial Palatine hill, tens of kilometers of the Aurelian walls, the catacombs, the Appian Way or aqueducts, and many others. […]

    The Pantheon

    Le Panthéon de Rome

    The Pantheon is the best preserved ancient building of ancient Rome, it was also one of the most prestigious. Once at the foot of a vast courtyard, it is nowadays directly accessible on the pretty Piazza della Rotonda. once it dominated the site originally but is now located lower than the square because of the elevation of the ground of Rome over time. […]


    Colosseum by night

    Originally called the Flavian amphitheater, the Colosseum of Rome was built from the year 72 AD by the will of the Emperor Vespasian. It was completed in 80 AD by his son Titus, and later supplemented by Domitian. […]

    The Roman Forum

    Forum Romain de Rome

    The Roman Forum was for centuries the main town square, around which ancient Rome developed.It was the place of trade, business, religious worship, politics, the site of city’s administration and justice systems, as well as of prostitution. […]