Outside of Rome

Ostia, the Port of Rome

mosaico delfini ostia Ostia was the ancient port city of Rome at the mouth of the Tiber. Located 20 km from Rome, it's archaeological treasures and relaxing atmosphere, are good reasons to visit.

Tivoli : Hadrian’s Villa, Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana

Hadrian's Villa - Canapo Its scale and its preservation, Hadrian's villa is one of the largest in the region, a beautiful example of Roman architecture, built from the year 126 AD. The Villa d'Este built in the sixteenth century is a haven of freshness with the fountains of his garden.

Cerveteri and Etruscan Sites

Necropoli di Cerveteri Tumulus It is probably the most suggestive Etruscan site.The necropolis of Cerveteri was built between the ninth century in the Villanovan culture and the third century BC. The necropolis of Banditaccia includes thousands of graves that form a quasi-urban plan with neighborhoods and streets.