Sliced pizza and street food in Rome

Sliced pizza

Sliced pizza, pizza al taglio in Italian, is the most common dish in Roman and Italian street food, usually baked, sometimes over a wood fire.
In addition to specialized pizzerias, some bakeries also offer these pizzas. Among the simplest and often the best when they come out of the oven, pizza rossa (red pizza) is in tomato and oregano sauce, pizza bianca (white pizza) has just a little olive oil and possibly herbs, but can be stuffed, especially with mortadella, see more with mozzarella. Try it!

Supplì, croquettes and fried foods

Croquettes are also among the most popular dishes to eat on the go. Supplì is a Roman specialty, a rice ball with a panned tomato sauce and a heart of melted mozzarelle.
There are also other croquettes, such as potato croquettes, crochette di patate, arancini inspired by Sicilian croquettes (breaded rice stuffed with meats, vegetables as small weight, etc).
Other typical Roman fries are fried cod fillets (filetti di baccala), zucchini flowers with fried mozzarella (fiori di zuca), breaded olives (olive all’ascolana), and small breaded mozzarelles (mozzarelline fritte).

Here are on the map some street-food addresses, especially establishments offering pizza to the cut, knowing that croquettes and fried foods are found in almost all restaurants and Roman trattorias. Another page is devoted to the best pizzas in Rome.


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Suppli pizzeria

Here, good suppli to takeaway (breaded rice balls with tomato and cheese) and other specialties as Roman fries. The Pizza al taglio (sliced pizza) is also good.


Suppli, pizzeria
Via di S. Francesco a Ripa, 137
Open until to 22:00, closed on sunday


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Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Located in Campo de ‘Fiori square, this ancient forno (bakery), in addition to bread and pastry, offers famous sliced pizzas and focaccia, as the pizza bianca (white pizza), pizza rossa (pizza with tomato sauce) and margherita (with mozzarella and tomato).


Forno Campo de’ Fiori
Campo de’ Fiori, 22 – Roma
Closed on sunday


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