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    Main sights

    The Four Major Basilicas of Rome

    Basilique Saint-Pierre de Rome

    Rome has over 400 churches, so it’s fairly unlikely you will see more than a tenth of them.Four of them are major basilicas: St. Peter, St. John Lateran, St. Mary Major and St. Paul Outside the Walls. With three minor basilicas, these constitute the traditional destinations of the Seven Church Tour for pilgrims to Rome. […]

    Tourist map of Rome

    Carte touristique de Rome

    View the interactive map of attractions selected by us: churches, squares, monuments, etc. […]

    Great Monuments of Ancient Rome

    Le Colisée

    The great ancient buildings of Rome: the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater of antiquity, which was dedicated to games and gladiator fights; Pantheon, dedicated to Greco-Roman Gods; Roman forums, political and administrative center for the Roman Republic. […]

    Must-See Square of Rome

    Place d' Espagne à Rome

    The squares or piazzas of Rome are among the main attractions of the city. Whether you wish to immerse yourself in the history of the city or just relax, meet up, take an aperitif, or just hang out! Here is an overview of four must-see squares of the eternal city. […]

    Great Museums of Rome

    Chapelle Sixtine - Musées du Vatican

    Interested in archaeology, modern art, painting and sculpture from all eras, you will find easily enough to satisfy your curiosity in Rome, where the choice and quality of the works of art abound. The main museums are those of the Vatican, the Capitoline Museums, the Gallery Borghese and the National Roman Museum. […]

    Parks and Gardens of Rome

    Rome has beautiful and varied parks : the elegant Pincio, Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, Celimontana, the Appia Antica, the Caffarella, Villa Pamphili, ecc […]

    Panoramas and Other Sites

    colline de l'aventin

    The various panoramas to the city of Rome : Janiculum hill, the Aventine, the Pincio or Monte Mario. Access and photographs. […]

    Trevi fountain

    The Trevi fountain

    The Trevi Fountain

    The Trevi Fountain is the most scenic fountain in Rome, and perhaps the most famous in the world, strongly present in the collective imagination thanks to the film La Dolce Vita by Fellini.

    Its story intertwines with that of the city of Rome, since the empire’s early days. It is […]