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    touristic map of Rome

    Touristic map of Rome

    An open-air museum. That’s how we can summarize Rome. To get the most out of the city, you can easily get around armed with a guidebook, wandering around and allowing yourself to get lost in the streets. Wherever you go, there will be something to see!

    Our interactive map provides an overview of the main sights.

    Pantheon of Rome

    Main sights

    Of course, although strolling around Rome is a real pleasure, and we have indicated great three-stars what we feel is really “not to be missed”, we cannot stop there, of course.Thus we present in this section the most famous sites including the major basilicas, the main squares, main museums and ancient monuments.
    Catch a breath of fresh air in one of the many parks and gardens that the city offers, or enjoy a view from one of the seven hills.

    Wolf in the Campidoglio Museums

    Museums in Rome

    Then you can go for a walk taking in a selection of churches, museums, de beautiful squares and “secondary” ancient sites “secondaires”.
    Each article is accompanied by a map with the location of sites and internal or external links for you to deepen your knowledge of each topic.

    Two-day itinerary in Rome

    Itinerary in Rome

    In addition, we offer suggested routes in Rome, complete with maps suitable for weekend visits, for staying a day or so, or even a week or two.

    Sights of Rome

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