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    Welcome in Rome

    Tourisme à Rome
    Places de Rome : Campo dei Fiori

    Welcome to, a site specially dedicated to tourism in Rome, with its main monuments and activities.
    You will find essential information, tips, tools to travel in the eternal city, as well as cultural lighting and a selection of good addresses, cafes and restaurants.

    Discover the principal monuments and attractions in our tourism section. It includes all the must-see places to visit in Rome, as well as others of particular beauty, the main ancient sites and plenty of suggestive ones, including all four major basilicas and the most fascinating religious buildings.

    You can find Rome’s major sites on the interactive map and you can visit the major museums of the city.

    A recent section suggests you some interesting address, like pizzerias, trattorias or bars.

    We wish you an enjoyable browse and above all, a good trip to Rome!