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Welcome to the blog bestofrome.fr, the fruit of a passion for Rome, the extraordinary eternal city.
You will find everything you need to prepare your trip and your visit.
Beyond the tour of the most remarkable monuments, get inspired by our experience of the city with our favorite places and neighborhoods, recommended addresses, and curiosities to discover.

With the section tourism in Rome, explore the main monuments and places to discover, such as the must-see squares in Rome starting with the magistral St Peter’s Square whose colonnades embrace the visitor to accompany him to the great basilica. Then, one of the summits of the Baroque is embodied on the Piazza Navona, and the harmony of the Renaissance with the Capitoline square. Keep exploring the 15 most beautiful squares in the city.
These are of course the testimonies of ancient Rome, from the Republic to the powerful empire, which fascinate the visitor the most, with the major ancient sites and the many other sites, including the impressive Colosseum, the fascinating Roman Forum, or the superb Pantheon.
The other great face of Rome’s history is the Christian, embodied in the grandiose four major basilicas, but also many other churches with a vast architectural heritage and a wealth of masterpieces.
The eternal city is also rich in museums, including the great museums of Rome, but also with many worlds and eras to explore among all its museums.
The interactive map of Rome brings together most of these places to discover.

carte de la visite de Rome en un jour

Itinéraires à Rome

A new section offers good addresses, with a choice of pizzerias, trattorias, ice-cream shops, cafes, bars and pastries in Rome.

Feel free to follow our itineraries in Rome or get inspired to discover the city on one day, two days, or more.
We also write thematic itineraries around interests such as prestigious characters and artists, eras or artistic movements, such as the itineraries of great artists such as Caravaggio in Rome, Bernini in Rome, Michelangelo in Rome, etc.

On the practical side, our page hotels and accommodation in Rome helps you easily find an accommodation (room, hotel or apartment), with selections by neighborhood.
See also the information topic and services, such as visits and tours in Rome, markets and shops, connections with airports, taxis, city cards and touristic maps, les double-decker tourist Buses, weather forescast, etc.


Buon viaggio a Roma !

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