Saint Peter’s Square

In italian : Piazza San Pietro

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive squares in the world, Saint Peter’s Square in Rome impresses with the majesty of the Saint Peter’s Basilica associated with the two huge quadruple colonnades that extend on either side, like two arms spread to welcome the visitor or pilgrim by embracing him.


The square is formally inside Vatican City, which is the smallest state in the world. In antiquity the place was occupied by the circus and the gardens of Nero, where many Christians were martyred, including Saint Peter.

Photo of Saint-Peter's square in Rome

Saint-Peter’s square

The basilica that was built in his name became the largest basilica in the Christian world.
It was in the seventeenth century, during the reconstruction of the basilica, that the square was designed so, while it was previously rectangular. From 1656, Bernini began the realization of the quadruple colonnade, a titanic work with its 284 columns and 88 pillars, whose two arms were designed to « gather Christianity ». It extends 340 metres from east to west, and 240 metres from north to south. These dimensions accommodate nearly 300,000 people.
There are two places in the square, marked on the ground by a colored stone, where the four rows of columns visually merge into one. Above, the balustrade carried by the columns is decorated by 140 statues of Saints.
The steps of the basilica are between the colossal statues of Saint Peter on left and Saint Paul on right.
In the center of the square stands an Egyptian obelisk, brought to Rome by Caligula in the year 37 AD.

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