Car parking in Rome

Parking in Rome is often a difficult task, and sometimes impossible at certain times like Friday or Saturday nights.
It must be considered that a large part of the historic center is closed to traffic (except derogations), sometimes on specific time slots. Nevertheless, along the Lungotevere (along the river), you can find parking spaces outside of busy hours, although in the middle of the day it can be difficult. Around the Circus Maximus (if it is accessible) there are places (free by the way), as well as between the Bocca della Verità square and the Caelius Hill (paying).
There are some covered parking, of substantial size in places (towards the Villa Borghese or the Vatican for example), otherwise smaller in most cases.
Regarding parking rules, “blue” spaces usually indicate paid spaces (by timestamp). White seats may be subject to limited time, but are free. “Yellow” seats are reserved for certain vehicles: disabled, police, etc.

Traffic in Rome

General information on traffic conditions in Rome: ZTL zones closed to traffic, opening hours of the centre, parking, accidents, traffic.