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    Must-See Square of Rome

    Must-See Square of Rome

    Place d' Espagne à Rome

    The squares or piazzas of Rome are among the main attractions of the city. Whether you wish to immerse yourself in the history of the city or just relax, meet up, take an aperitif, or just hang out! Here is an overview of four must-see squares of the eternal city. […]

    Square of Rome (continued)

    Piazza Venezia

    A tour among the squares of Rome: from antiquity to modern, through the baroque and renaissance: the Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Farnese, Campo dei Fiori, the Bocca della Verita, and many others. […]

    Piazza di Spagna – Spanish Steps

    Place d'Espagne à Rome

    An eighteenth century work, this square has an unusual and irregular aspect and is at the foot of the Pincio Hill.The celebrated Spanish Steps of its monumental stairway lead to the French church of Trinità dei Monti, an iconic sight with its two symmetrical bell towers. […]

    Piazza Navona

    Fontana del Moro Piazza Navona

    This is one of the liveliest places in Rome, with many painters, restaurants, cafes and ice-cream shops. Having kept the shape of the ancient Stadium of Domitian, Piazza Navona has become the most emblematic of the golden age of the Baroque. […]

    St. Peter’s Square

    Place Saint-Pierre de Rome

    This square, surrounded by a majestic quadruple colonnade displays the largest church of the Christian world: St. Peter’s Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro). It is also the heart of Vatican City, […]

    Capitol Square (Piazza del Campidoglio)

    Place du Capitole

    This square is located on top of Capitol Hill. In antiquity, it was an important place of worship dedicated to Roman gods, with a large Temple of Jupiter which has since disappeared. Today it is the seat of the municipality of Rome. […]