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    Great Museums of Rome

    Chapelle Sixtine - Musées du Vatican

    Interested in archaeology, modern art, painting and sculpture from all eras, you will find easily enough to satisfy your curiosity in Rome, where the choice and quality of the works of art abound. The main museums are those of the Vatican, the Capitoline Museums, the Gallery Borghese and the National Roman Museum. […]

    Museums in Rome (continued)

    Centrale Montemartini

    The four museums described in the Great Museums of Rome page can fill many days, especially if they are cold or rainy. But the artistic and archaeological collections of the city are not limited to these, far from it. […]

    Capitoline Museums

    Bernini's Medusa

    The Capitoline Museums that occupy the Palace of the homonymous square house a unique collection of Greek and Roman antiquities and an art gallery exhibiting paintings of masters. […]

    Vatican Museums

    Court of the Pigna, Vatican Museums

    Besides that there is the famous Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms, the collections of the Vatican Museums are among the largest in the world. These Papal Palace retain many works, sculptures, frescoes, mosaics, objects dating from ancient Egypt to modern times. […]

    National Roman Museum

    House of Livia - Casa di Livia

    Home to the largest archaeological collection in the world, the National Roman Museum is distributed over four sites, the largest of which is the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. […]

    Gallery Borghese

    Caravaggio, Jerome

    The Borghese Gallery houses a famous collection mainly inherited from the Borghese family, initiated in the early seventeenth century. The most famous works are the baroque sculptures and Renaissance paintings, including Caravaggio and Titian, its neo-classical and ancient sculptures. […]